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Here are some testimonials from past patients. These were given prior to me retiring my medical license. I continue to help clients as a Live Wellness Coach with a retired medical license.

The part can never be well unless
the whole is well.

People say about Howard E. Howard E. Wolin:
I have known Howard Wolin now for a number of years.

I first approached him to assist us during a very difficult time we had with our daughter. She was suffering from depression in her mid teenage years. Situation was very serious and as many parents will understand when your most precious relationship is suffering, the stress can become very high.

We received wise advise that over this period which has helped her achieve stability and then allowed her to thrive.
I had read much about teenage depression and understood that conventional methods can often lead to more dangers. I wanted her to regain her happiness and get back to a path to being a successful adult not just manage a condition.

Howard's also helped in my matrimonial situation that had been put under enormous pressure over this period.

His knowledge of mental, physical and spiritual well being is very hard to find anywhere. He has an amazing range of experience that he can bring to bear and is fearless in approach to a problem.

I would not hesitate to recommend Howard to anyone that is facing deep issues that seem intractable. They are not but require more wisdom than is normally shown by people that we regularly come across in life today.

Please be open to his advise is all I would ask.

SC -- 10/14/2014

Dear Dr. Wolin,
Words cannot express my appreciation for all you have done for our family. My two year old son was terrorizing the family with his bouts of rage. My 3 year old looked like he had been attacked by a cat with the scratches the 2 year old had inflicted. The 2 year old would snap and unleash his unprovoked anger on my husband by punching, kicking and biting him until I could intrude to stop him. It was amazing to see the amount of anger this little boy had inside. When we realized we would not be able to send him to school we became very fearful.

I could not tolerate the thought of drugging my child. Your non-evasive suggestion of bringing crystals into the home was questionable at first but well worth a try. Monitoring the situation like you did daily and always being a phone call away if there were any problems was encouraging. You were able to tell us what was going on sometimes without us even realizing what we were seeing.

After 3-4 weeks the changes were noticeable. My 3 year old had a brother he could actually play with. My husband could love him without worrying he might be hit. I wouldn't have to intrude to calm him. He truly began to act like a normal 2 year old. For about 3.months after the beginning of the treatment he would snap once in a while, but it would only last for a brief minute. Now he 'attempts' to get angry and it actually makes us smile, it is as if he can't even get mad.

It is hard to remember those days and we just as soon not. We have such a beautiful little boy and we are so grateful for all of your help; I will strongly recommend you to anyone who is in need of help and I would be happy to speak to anyone who has questions.

Thanks again,


My experience with Dr. Howard Wolin has been transformational and successful. Dr. Wolin's healing techniques, using sequences and crystals led to the healing of my son, who was addicted to drugs and had hit rock bottom.

We had tried every conventional type of therapy, medication and interventions, with little or no improvement. My son, who was 22 years old, was also becoming physically ill and having many legal issues.

Dr. Wolin's compassionate and practical guidance was a godsend at a time when I had nowhere else to turn. Since then, Dr. Wolin has also helped my daughter, my husband and myself.

I am grateful for his excellent work.

Patricia G.

Dr. Wolin mixes traditional medicine with the offbeat, combining loving reassurance with remarkable intuition. Moving past the physical, Dr. Wolin can tune into sequences hidden deep in our consciousness, that control us.

Using an incredible intuitiveness and healing crystals, Dr. Wolin has assisted me in moving to a stronger, more loving relationship and greater physical vitality.

I’m not sure I understand everything he does, but I do know judging by results, that it has worked for me.

Michael W.

Patricia and Michael

My real estate agent recommended Dr. Howard Wolin to me while we were house hunting. I am a seeker of good health and have tried all sorts of healing modalities (traditional and non-traditional) in my quest to prevent disease and regain optimum health.

Allergies and Lyme disease were the main physical complaints, but as we all know now — via traditional physicians and health care Institutions — true health comes from addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual domains of our lives.

So when Dr. Wolin's name came into my life and with a high recommendation from my agent, I immediately called and have been regaining health ever since.

He is the smartest, most knowledgeable doctor I have ever worked with. I believe in fully participating in my health and Dr. Wolin Is gifted with vast experience in not only nutrition, but all energies that affect the quality of our lives.

He is an expert in allergies and environmental sensitivities-electromagnetic, food and chemical and uses accepted and proven nutraceuticals, nutrition, vitamins/minerals, homeopathy, crystals, and his network of other doctors who exchange best practices-basically he will go the distance to help his patients get healthy.

He is always adding to his expertise and knowledge base-that coupled with me participating fully, being ultimately responsible for my health and the feedback I give a doctor makes my experience with Dr. Wolin totally effective.

He has the credentials, compassion, courage and expertise to help people heal — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

No other doctor I have seen has had such an expansive knowledge base.

Gale G.

I began working with Dr. Wolin in May of 2006 when I was struck with acute and severe anxiety and depression.

As it began so suddenly, and seemingly without warning, I went initially to my primary care physician who prescribed Chlonopin and Prozac, both of which, with Dr. Wolin's help, I was able to stop quickly: the Prozac within a couple of weeks and the Chlonopin within a couple of months.

Using crystal therapy to clear various psychospiritual “baggage” I was holding as well as verbal sequencing to assist my own understanding and process, I began to feel better in a short period of time. I began using various supplements, altered my diet according to recommendations from Dr. Wolin, and opened myself to a process I did not fully understand but trusted implicitly as it was effective immediately.

I now feel healthier, both physically and emotionally, and happier than I ever have, period.

Like many people, I know skeptics, and even they have had to acknowledge the transformation they have seen in me since I began my journey with Dr. Wolin.

It has changed my life, in a wonderful way, and I am grateful beyond measure.

Dr. Wolin is a retired psychiatrist and holistic healer. Now, as a life wellness coach for young and old, he provides astute, clear and remarkably accurate readings to clients, identifying their long-held negative energies that have impacted their lives destructively.

The energies are identified and cleared, enabling clients (or their loved ones being worked upon), to understand what has negatively influenced them, or stunted their success; and then move on to a happier, more productive and fulfilled life.

Dr. Wolin is truly gifted. He has healed my family immeasurably.

It works. I highly recommend Dr Wolin.

Mary, Southern California.

Dr. Wolin is unlike any psychiatrist I have ever known. He has telephone consults, and offers excellent support if you cannot see him in person in his office in Illinois.

His emphasis is alternative and holistic. I recommend him highly.

Richard C

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